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Michael talks with Prof. Kevin Dutton on playing a serial killer …

                                                      ~ Quotes ~

“Dexter justifies his freedom by being a guardian demon rather than a guardian angel.

(Professor Kevin Dutton)

Prof. K.D.: Do you prepare yourself to play Dexter?

MCH: When I put on that kill suit, that does the job.


Prof. K.D.: Two things make psychopaths happy, instant gratification and control.

MCH: Dexter covers room with plastic to control chaos from kill.


Whenever Dexter can’t release his controlled urges he risks losing control. (MCH)

Prof. K.D.: How did you research Dexter?

MCH: Read books, watched movies, didn’t talk to any psychopaths because I thought it would effect role.

Prof. K.D.: Ask yourself what would I do if I didn’t care.

MCH: ‘Been wondering what I’m going to do when show is over, I’m thinking self help!


“If we are not free to choose our genes and not free to choose our environment are we free to choose at all? (Professor Kevin Dutton)


“It’s not really about his father any more, it’s him. He’s having a conversation with himself”. (MCH)


“You could argue that Dexter is the way he is not because of his trauma with his mother, but because of the abuse of his father”. (MCH)


Question: Is Dexter happy?

MCH: Dexter has moments of happiness, or at least contentment, specifically after a kill.

Michael C. Hall and Professor Kevin Dutton talk at the “Happy Talk” event (Rubin Museum of Art, NYC, October 24)


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